Trish Hall

Rev. Trish Hall

Rev. Trish Hall

Change is Simply Your Soul Expanding!

  • Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • 12 noon – 1pm Eastern Time


Rev Therisia “Trish” Hall, an ordained minister of Science of Mind and Spirit, holds a Master of Divinity from Holmes Institute.  She is the former Community Spiritual Leader of Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, which serves the Washington, DC, Metro area from Falls Church Virginia.    For more than 10 years, she served Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly United Centers for Spiritual Living) nationally in a variety of roles.

Heart centered and Spirit led, Rev Trish is a compassionate pastoral and bereavement counselor and Interactive Imagery Therapist with a private practice. She is a published author, enchanting speaker and visionary leader.  An acclaimed consultant, coach and mediator, Rev Trish has facilitated transformation of individuals and organizations.  A dedicated teacher, she thrives on the awakening of her student to their own magnificence.  As founding owner-operator of The Training Source, an internationally renowned interpersonal and organizational communication consulting and training company, she served federal agencies, national corporations and local businesses.

She is insatiably curious and life-long learner who loves to travel, make new friends and immerse in diverse cultures.  She has traveled extensively on five of the seven continents.  That curiosity has drawn her to investigate healing modalities, spiritual practices, theologies and philosophies from around the world.


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